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Your leadership goals just got 50% closer

The Evangelical Association of the Caribbean (EAC) has joined with the Bakke Graduate University (BGU) to offer the EAC Leadership Study Programme (LSP) across the Caribbean. The LSP is an initiative of the Caribbean Institute of Leadership (CIL), an agency of the EAC’s Commission for Leadership Development (CONLED). These internationally recognized (accredited) programmes are customized to empower Caribbean Leaders to transform their communities through innovative Christian-based education.

Through the LSP, Bakke Graduate University will grant successful EAC-approved registrants a 50% discount on course tuition associated with BGU’s masters and doctoral programmes of study.


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To qualify for the LSP, potential students commit to the following guidelines:

a). Every Student is required to be:

  1. Currently residing in the Caribbean and be a member in good standing of a local Evangelical Church. To see a list of Caribbean Evangelical Churches check here.
  2. A member in good standing of an EAC affiliated / associated National Alliance or Christian Organisation (as certified by the President of the EAC affiliated National Evangelical Alliance).
  3. Able to gain admission to the BGU based on their qualifications and experience and satisfy the financial and other specific requirements. To see BGU’s admissions requirements check here.

b). Every Student must:

  1. Be active in the work of his /her National Evangelical Alliance or be willing to (and be duly registered to) participate in the work of their National Alliance or the EAC or one of its Commissions or Agencies.
  2. Participate in the support activities organized by the LSP Administrator for their particular cohort unless specifically excused in writing.
  3. Be willing to participate in the activities and events of the LSP’s Alumni Association once they graduate from their course of study.


Successful EAC-approved LSP Students will be required to pay all fees applicable for BGU’s masters and doctoral programmes. ONLY COURSE TUITION will attract the 50% DISCOUNT as part of the LSP.

Our programmes can be customized based on your schedule, with lengths ranging from a minimum of two (2) years to a maximum of seven (7) years. The average estimated costs in USD to complete our programmes with our 50% DISCOUNT applied are as follows:


Attend a Q&A
Briefing Session

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