What We Do

Serve for Regional Impact

  1. EAC commissions and networks serve to equip its members to address concerns; speak to debasing issues; and develop a representative voice, which seeks to express Evangelical values. National Associations give expression to the unity of the Body of Christ.
  2. Identify specific needs of the Evangelical Community within the Caribbean.
  3. Foster Communication by sharing information among members; generate up-to-date news; and provide counsel to the Evangelical community.
  4. Partner and communicate through CONECAR with like-minded Evangelical movements for the spread of the Gospel.
  5. Publish and disseminate resources through online platforms; printed publications, research on topics of theology, missiology, social justice…

Represent with a Regional Voice

  1. EAC speaks intentionally as a trusted voice on behalf of Evangelicals in the region who have often not had a significant voice. EAC positions itself to represent Caribbean Evangelicals through engagement with society, the media, and other institutions on regional issues; and at the same time…
  2. Calls denominations and congregations across the Caribbean to pray for the persecuted Church.
  3. Conducts national and regional research and reports on the state of the Church in the Caribbean
  4. Produces and circulates a quarterly eNews that provides a Christian perspective on the events happening regionally and globally.
  5. Supports effective theological training through the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association
    (CETA) and its member institutions.

Connect for a Common Purpose

  1. EAC seeks to pool its resources with a view to minimize duplication; is uniquely positioned to connect Evangelical congregations, Church networks and ministries for effective collaboration and strategic impact; and helps to advance awareness of issues to the Church in the Caribbean, governments, and the media.
  2. Through its members, EAC Facilitates cooperation to address regional challenges and opportunities outside on any one organization.
  3. EAC structures Provide access to national and regional Church leaders to facilitate resources and training to local congregations within the region.
  4. EAC invites regional ministries into the circle of EAC to create synergy and avoid competitive duplication.

The Evangelical Association of the Caribbean (EAC) has six commissions and two Initiatives working together to maximize their impact on the national communities.


Commission on Evangelism and Missions (COEM)

The COEM has responsibility for driving EAC’s evangelistic and missionary outreach across the Caribbean Region, working closely with selected NEA’s to (a) Implement EAC’s vision for preparing and commissioning Caribbean Missionaries; (b) Execute National Crusades across the Region in partnership with NEA’s; and (c) Help drive EAC’s outreach to the next generation.

Commission on Relief and Development (CONRAD)

The EAC’s Commission on Relief and Development (CONRAD) enables NEAs and local churches to respond rapidly and effectively to disasters and to develop holistic, transformational ministry. Creates awareness within the Caribbean Christian community of disasters and disaster survivors, with special attention to little recognized disasters and the alliances and churches that respond to them.

EAC – COMRAD is an associate member of Micah Global:

For further information contact:

Communications and Info Tech

This Commission has responsibility to spearhead EAC’s Mission to (a) Build a strong network linking all NEA’s; (b) Support the efforts of each NEA to build up its social media presence; and (c) Support EAC’s drive to ensure its social media presence is maximized.

Public Engagement

To improve EAC’s engagement with the public, particularly in the area of social justice; and to advance the association’s vision of poverty reduction, increased peace (shalom-wholeness) ensure public justice, and development of national righteousness.

Theological Commission

Provides regional theological reflection on issues of importance affecting the church and society; a prophetic Evangelical voice that is faithful to Scripture, theologically informed speaking with clarity and relevance to both the church and the world.

Women's Commission

A Caribbean network of compassionate and visionary women seeking to identify and address the unique needs of women and girls across the Caribbean providing them with a voice and platform. For further information contact: Jenifer Johnson at: jen_wwi@hotmail.com

Youth Commission

Facilitates National Alliances and strategic partners to reach, equip and mobilize young people for Jesus Christ; and impart vision for reaching every young person in the Caribbean with the Gospel.


EAC Institute of Leadership

Build strong leadership teams, which in turn assures common measurable qualities that demonstrate NEA’s health and effectiveness; maintaining governance with clear structures and efficient processes that hold its board and executive staff accountable to mission.

Creation Care Task Force

Provides an opportunity for members to respond faithfully to the climate crisis and other ecological crises, in diverse ways, which is itself profoundly fitting in relation to this crisis. This task force will work with evangelicals and especially evangelical leaders to formulate a plan for the EAC response; initiate activities aimed at increasing awareness and action of the climate crisis. It will present practical ways to encourage ecologically faithful living; explore how climate crisis is affecting Caribbean nations; encourage the development of biblical and theological capacity relevant to the climate crisis; and develop a strategic plan for EAC that includes practical, short– term projects and midterm and longer–term commitments.

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